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About Lanna

Lanna Webb lives on the Texas Gulf Coast with her husband of 26 years. She is the mother of two amazing children whom she adores. When she isn't writing, Lanna teaches English to high school students. She is a Rice University graduate and holds a Master's in Educational Leadership from LeTourneau University.


Along with being a reader from way back, she is an experienced educator and an avid fan of family dinners. Stories have always floated around in her head; she began writing them down out of self defense. One day, she looked at her computer and realized she had a novel. The words haven’t left her alone since.


Lanna uses a subtle but effective technique that resonates with readers, meshing the messages of faith beautifully with the story. Her characters are easy to get to know and hard to forget. You won't want to leave them when you reach the end of the book! 

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